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The days when social media was not essential to the daily survival of many human beings seem to become vaguer and vaguer as years pass by.

The internet we have today has made life so much easier and so much fun for people all around the world; yet at the same time, it’s been the worst nightmare for some.

With all the information and entertainment web 2.0 sites hold, there are some blinding downsides to it, and a good percentage of web 2.0 users are unaware of these negative impacts and how they affect lives.

Let’s get right into the heart of it:

Too Much Information (TMI):

Sometimes, too much information is no information. Because so many points of view exist on one topic, there is a high risk of unreliable content in circulation. Now, imagine this for the millions of topics we talk about every day. Anyone can come up and talk about something based on a one-time experience without in-depth knowledge of the said topic. Although this information may sometimes help, it never ceases to beg the question, “How credible is this information?”

Wastage of time:

Let’s be truthful, social media can be overwhelming and tiring. For most people, as soon as they wake up, their social media apps are the first thing they look through; therefore, allowing the content they consume during that time to determine how their mood for the rest of their day goes. Even when some undergraduates have a test to read for, they want to quickly look through social media for 5 minutes, and it ends up being an hour. That’s an hour of time that could’ve been spent preparing to pass the test. The funny part is that the users of these social media platforms don’t get paid for all the time they spend on social media. Yikes!

Forgeries & Hacking

Safety is not guaranteed on web 2.0. According to Norton, 2200 cyberattacks occur every day. Because there’s minimum security and information is stored in an internet warehouse that is not indisposed to hacking, account forgery and hacking are very possible. That’s why someone can come to your DM and pretend to be Micheal Jackson and tell you everything they know you want to hear, so you would give up your personal information to them.

Spamming & Fake IDs

What we’re about to tell you will shock you, just like it shocked us when we found out. So, it turns out that some companies create Fake IDs on social media to go into the comment section of their competitors to post negative comments. Yup, totally shocking! And also, when you use hashtags on your posts and those spam comments just start pouring in… sigh! One of the worst downsides to web 2.0 social media, anybody can create fake IDs to make another person’s life unbearable and bots are just everywhere. We certainly do not need those anymore.

Your data is not private

This is one of the most devastating sides of web 2.0 that just sucks. Think of it this way. As a user, you choose to trust an app with your personal info because you love the content they give you and because they’re trying to make as much money as possible, they sell your information to the highest bidder, so now, a bunch of other people has access to you without your permission! Knowing anyone who wanted to could lay hands on important data like that just makes everything worse.

This all just proves more and more that we require Web 3.0 to come and come fast. We’re lucky, Koraplay is actively working to correct these web 2.0 errors to give the world the privacy, convenience, reward, and transparency that it deserves.

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