Creator, it’s time to stop getting MILKED by your social media platforms

2 min readOct 21, 2022


It’s time to take POWER into your hands

Sometime in July 2020, the popular video hosting service, TikTok, announced it was launching a 200 million dollar fund to compensate creators on its platform.

TikTok was launched way back in 2017, meaning creators on the platform have not been receiving rewards from TikTok for their content since its inception. The announcement of the Creator Fund made many creators happy because it provided them with a way to earn money while doing what they love. However, a month later, many creators began to express their disappointment in the program.

Some creators said they could only earn a few dollars even after their videos had racked up thousands of views. In fact, it was reported that a certain creator got about $0.4 per 1,000 views. The Creator fund was said to have lacked transparency, did more harm than good, and didn’t fulfill its purpose.

The problem faced by modern-day African content creators is that they don’t receive enough compensation for their creative efforts. According to Podia, one of the top creators’ biggest challenges in 2022 is knowing how to monetize creativity.

This has led many creators to quit content creation, as they can not make a living from it when they are not being acknowledged by brands. As an African content creator looking to monetize content, your choice of platform to create and share content matters.

Koraplay actually pays You

At Koraplay, we are aware of the challenges creators like you face, and we have built a platform that doesn’t leave you at the mercy of an algorithm to receive rewards for your content.

Koraplay is the best social media platform for you to share and monetize content as a creator. Create, share content, and earn rewards instantly.

Koraplay is Web3-powered; hence, the whole process is transparent. You own your content and receive good compensation.

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About Koraplay

Koraplay is a decentralized social media and entertainment platform. Users can create and share exciting content and earn instantly in cryptocurrency using the Koraplay platform.




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