Have you heard about Elo’s Story?

3 min readNov 30, 2022


Black content creators

Hi there,

Today’s content is going to be a little different.

We’d like to tell you a story. Grab your best snacks & drink and stick with us till the end.

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Elo is a content creator and a great one at that. If you’ve heard people mention the phrase “when you’re good, you’re good”, that was Elo. The content he put out spoke for itself on how creative he was.

That was Elo, the handsome, super-creative content creator. He made it look so easy, but from Elo’s perspective, it was far from easy. Consumers of Elo’s content and even other content creators that looked up to him would say he does it without breaking a sweat, but that was far from it.

Elo had his days of creative block, Elo had days when his artistic well of thoughts would be scorched up and dry. But hey, we had said Elo was one of the best out there, right? So, how did he manage to stay at the top, especially when he had days like that? Here’s what Elo would always do.

He stole ideas.

Before you report Elo for plagiarism, we can explain. Take a deep breath and let’s tell you more.

Famous painter, Pablo Picasso is known for saying that “Art is theft.” Whatever content has been put out today isn’t entirely original. Even though Elo was among the best, he still had other creators he looked up to, both dead and alive. Technically, Elo wasn’t stealing.

Elo would go back to the works of his mentors and other creators he found worthy. He’d rip off an idea or two from their work and seek to make it better, he still had to use his creative mind. With ideas to build upon, Elo would always end up with quality, fresh content. But was it entirely fresh?

At Koraplay, we understand the stress that comes with content creation. We understand that there are days you struggle and your artistic well is empty. That’s why our platform is built to make sure that you get the appropriate rewards for overcoming those struggles and putting out quality content.

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