HARD? That’s an understatement.

2 min readNov 7, 2022


As content creators rise in the industry, it is without a doubt that hard work, smart work, and consistency are necessary for your success. Sadly, sometimes you lack motivation even after putting in a lot of effort, and it’s mostly owing to the fact that your content isn’t bringing you any monetary rewards or recognition you know you deserve.

So, as an upcoming content creator, what keeps you going? What encourages you to keep creating content?

Philo is a content creator who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She started content creation six months ago, and it hasn’t been an easy ride. Philo has thought of quitting so many times. Sometimes, she finds the will and strength to create quality content daily, and sometimes weeks pass by without creating any content.

Philo wasn’t getting any rewards with the content she was creating; not the numbers or even brand partnerships; and this was affecting her consistency in content creation.

What’s more motivating than earning rewards while expressing your creativity and doing what you love?

Philo decided to work smarter; she found a new short-form video-sharing platform where she could share her content and earn instant monetary rewards.

That was all the motivation she needed and ever since her discovery, Philo has been living her best life.

Want to know more about Philo’s source of motivation?

Koraplay: All the Motivation you need

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About Koraplay

Koraplay is a decentralized social media and entertainment platform. Users can create and share exciting content and earn instantly in cryptocurrency using the Koraplay platform. Koraplay aims to accelerate the global adoption of blockchain technology through entertainment.




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